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I have been wasting my time trying to figure out how to program with flash, its not much, but above is a drawing program that I will probably augment as time goes on.  To the left is my Pirate Captain Ty look.




Olympic Mathnastics is here to behold

I believe there is a real mathnastic sport that involves physical and intellectual challenges, however my sister and I are making a math based website at www.Mathnastics.com , which is mainly to symbolize math as being a strenuous, but fun and rewarding sport.  I personally don't care for numbers, or math, but my sister is a math teacher and so I am hoping to finally do something meaningful by helping her reach out to her students through the internet.


Sites that I have helped develop.

  1. A to Z Scales and Calibration : www.atozscales.com

  2. Black Forest Engineering : www.bfe.com

  3. Mountain Top Engineering : www.mtntop.biz

  4. Mathnastics : www.mathnastics.com

What's New

  • 03-10 Changed home page
  • 02-13 Added the CTP Pro page and CT Links page (only accessible through the home page)
  • 02-12 Added my application video for "The Best Job in the World"
  • 02-12 Added a Phoenix trip to the photo album
  • 02-12 Changed home page message
  • 01-28  Added new template for site style